Keen Technical Solutions recently completed a large scale lighting upgrade project at Cloverleaf Cold Storage in Lakeville, Minnesota.  Keen worked with the customer and local utility company to come up with a long term plan to reduce energy consumption, improve lighting, and integrate an advanced control system for monitoring and adjusting plant lighting.  Going from old HID Metal Halide lighting, which created heat, and ran 24/7, the new LED system is highly efficient with little or no heat created in these freezer rooms.  An advance control system was installed throughout the facilitly to allow managers to monitor and control the system allowing up to 90% energy savings through reduced run hours, task lighting, motion/ambient sensors, and scheduling.  "This project was a no-brainer" said business owner, William Feiges.  "Integrating controls with efficient lighting has allowed my business to enjoy immediate energy savings, as well as improve safety in the plant".  While Keen continues to work with Cloverleaf on various energy savings projects around the country, Cloverleaf has done their part to lower their pull on the grid, increase efficiency, and improve working conditions.


We will provide products and services that are easy to operate and understand, resulting in guaranteed energy savings, lower life cycle costs, and reduced demand on our nation’s energy resources.



" The lighting worked exactly as advertised.  It’s made a significant difference in quality on the plant floor and we’re saving a ton on the electric bill! "